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Every child is unique, which is why each treatment plan is individualized. Sunny Horizons speech therapy program addresses many types of speech and language disorders. Our speech therapists have over 40 years of pediatric experience, giving us the tools to meet your child’s specific speech and language needs. Our occupational therapy program will help teach your child new skills using both fine and gross motor activities. These skills can include self-care, feeding, handwriting, and more.


It is our mission to provide the highest quality speech and occupational therapy services. Working together with families we strive to make a positive difference and help every child achieve their highest potential, discover new strengths, and learn essential skills to develop independence and better prepare them for a future filled with brighter tomorrows.

Making the Difference
in a Child’s Life

Communication is the key to learning, relationships, behavior, and so much more. We want the children in our care to be able to effectively communicate with family, teachers, friends, and whomever they wish to communicate with. Our therapy is directed towards that goal.

Help your child communicate effectively.
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